Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank you Bangor Daily News for speaking truth to power

Wow. An editorial that calls the Catholic Church out for its dishonesty and zeal in trying to impose its will on the entire state of Maine by stripping gays and lesbians of the right to marry whomever they choose to marry:

The repeal effort has been led by the Roman Catholic Diocese. Bishop Richard Malone called same-sex marriage “a dangerous sociological experiment.” The fact that gay couples have existed for generations — many of them raising children — counters this argument. Worse, however, is the church’s attempt to force its views on all Maine’s residents, whether they are Catholic or not.

I really do think the most abhorrent part of this nasty campaign in Maine and the Prop 8 battle in California is the fact that these powerful churches are butting in with mega bucks and resources in an attempt to enshrine into our laws their misguided "religious" beliefs. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And this practice is passing under the radar of most people because it doesn't directly affect them. But wait. Just wait. With each nasty hateful victory for these churches (yes, I'm talking to you Catholic Church and Mormon Church), they become more emboldened. And they will not rest until they are legislating everyone's morals. And by that time, it will be too late.

Publishing this editorial took courage. And according to Joe over at AMERICAblog, this paper leans conservative, which just goes to show you that there are still some principled conservatives left in this country. Share

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