Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dear Pastor Rick Warren,

I am writing you today because I desperately need some answers about your role (directly or indirectly) in the proposed anti-gay legislation likely to pass
in Uganda. I know that some of the Ugandan politicians and religious people most involved in writing and trying to pass this horrific piece of legislation are very involved with the American Evangelical movement and extremely close to you and your wife.

I'd also like to know WHY when asked about this kill the gays legislation by Newsweek reporter Lisa Miller, you chose to give a pretty evasive answer that ended up being nothing more than a milquetoast version of I don't want to get involved in another country's political affairs. Where the hell is your moral outrage? Couldn't you have at least faked it with a little fiery, spittle-inducing indignation? Isn't that what mega-men-of-God are supposed to do? And when have you ever refrained from sticking your self-righteous nose in affairs that are none of your business? I'm sorry but I find it pretty hard to believe that a man like you, who seldom, if ever, straddles a fence on any issue, could be so neutral on an issue that will cost people their lives merely because they are gay. Aren't Ugandan gays God's children too? I would think that a man of your stature would never, ever want to be linked in any way to such a heinous law like this one being considered in Uganda. Or is it me? Am I missing something here? Could it be you do not see this situation as one that warrants your outrage? Could it be you don't believe the people whose lives are threatened with death by hanging are worthy of anything but extermination and you don't care that there will be many (including me) who will blame you when this law is passed? But I guess the bigger question is this: Would you be taking such a cowardly and neutral stance if those being threatened with execution in Uganda were straight Christians? We certainly know from past experience that there is
never any lack of righteous outrage and moral grandstanding when Christians are even perceived to be the victims. So tell me Pastor, is your pitiful and spineless answer to Newsweek an affirmation of what many of us already suspect, that you are actually ok with this law, but you cannot come right out and say it?

You must be wondering Pastor why I am so invested in this horrific legislation and the extent of your involvement in it. After all, it isn't going to directly affect me or anyone I know personally. Well the answer sir is that I've been following this horrific legislation because I am a mom. And my husband and I have 3 wonderful children whom we love more than words can convey. And one of those 3 children, our middle son, is gay. And all I can think about when I think of this horrible piece of hateful anti-gay legislation are the Ugandan moms, dads, sisters, and brothers who will be faced with lengthy prison terms if they do not turn in their gay loved ones within 24 hours. And I am consumed with the same terror they must be feeling as they realize that they may be turning them in only to see them hung until every breath of life is choked out of them. And I'm finding it agonizing to even try to imagine what it must be like to be born gay and face a grisly execution for the crime of simply being who you are. But even more painful and frightening to me than all of that is the profound shame, anger, and hate I have for the sanctimonious, hateful frauds here in America who will have blood on their hands when this law is passed. And that includes you Mr. Warren. Your cowardly behavior and refusal to take a stand on behalf of those poor people in Uganda tells me all I need to know about you. You are a coward and a hateful bigot. But then, silly me, I'm a fool to think you'd actually care what I think about you or your actions.

I know that I am quite naive to think that you would answer any of my questions. Hell, you couldn't even muster the courage to give a real answer to the Newsweek reporter. I suppose that a busy man like you, living life as a mega-pastor and mega-author, preaching some twisted version of the Word of God and enjoying the fruits of mega-prosperity, power, and fame leaves very little time for puny little mothers like me. And I suspect that those fruits of mega-prosperity, power, and fame would definitely shrivel up and blow away if a mega-pastor like you were to actually stand up and take a stand on something like this hateful law about to be enacted in Uganda. Because, as you have already proven with your own mega-fame and wealth, hate and homophobia can be a mighty lucrative business - huh Pastor Rick? Gay marriage, anti-bullying rules in schools, non-descrimination housing and employment laws that include gays, extending hate-crime laws to include protecting gays, ending DOMA, ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell? -- all opportunities to line your pockets - huh Pastor Rick? And taking a stand on this heinous law to kill gays in Uganda? Why -- you can't do that! That would kill the goose that has been laying your golden eggs all these years - huh Pastor Rick?

I guess in America, evangelicals hate the sin, but not the sinner simply because American laws stand in the way of doing anything more to the sinner, but in Uganda, they hate the sin, and American Evangelicals like Rick Warren are making damn sure they don't stand in the way of any laws making it ok to kill the sinner there. Share

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Michael said...

"So tell me Pastor, is your pitiful and spineless answer to Newsweek an affirmation of what many of us already suspect, that you are actually ok with this law, but you cannot come right out and say it?"

The answer is "yes."