Saturday, December 05, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Evangelist causes a stir:

Jesse Morrell — a 25-year-old evangelist preacher from Cheshire, Conn., who said he did three stints at the juvenile detention center on Whalley Avenue for selling drugs — says he knows where most Yale students are headed: hell.
(click picture to embiggen - you won't be sorry)

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Michael said...

I've seen these types of guys all over the Southeast since I was in college. The one at my institution actually had his barefoot (literally) wife and kids with him, dressed in shabby, dirty clothing. I was a real shame - I've always felt bad for that woman and their kids. Students at the institution where I currently work frequently get riled up the guy who visits here, but I prefer to not give him any attention. Engaging just fuels the fire. Perhaps that has caused me to miss out on the latest list of hell-bound people: Obama voters! That is a new one to me! I noticed that Republicans and conservatives were not listed on the board - surely the latest news would put at least SOME of themon there. ;) It makes you really wonder if this particular guy is sincere because really good haters like Phelps send EVERYONE to hell.