Friday, December 11, 2009

Rachel Maddow-Rick Warren forced out of silence on Uganda

Again I must say, I am happy that Rick Warren has come out and strongly denounced the Kill the Gays legislation being proposed in Uganda. But, I still believe that Mr. Warren's very belated decision to come out and finally speak up against this heinous bill had more to do with political calculations than doing the right thing. After all, pushing homophobia and hatred has always been quite profitable for these Evangelical mega-pastors. And regardless of this better-late-than-never denouncement of this law, I will always believe these sanctimonious frauds who call themselves Christians, and that includes Rick Warren, have blood on their hands when it comes to our gay and lesbian children. Let us not forget who is always at the forefront of the battle to keep our gay and lesbian elementary school children from being included in school anti-bullying programs.



David A. Bedford said...

Bullying children because they are gay is despicable. All other bullying is equally despicable. The root cause of bullying is our innate wish to be on the side of the powerful. Teachers and principals erroneously see bullies as powerful and their victims as weak, so relate to the bullies. If a victim so much as raises his or her voice, the victim is disciplined. The bullies are let be. I have just publish a novel, the first in a series of three, called Angela 1: Starting over. It deals in part with bullies, how the main characters deal with them, and the effects on the school and the wider community. To know more, just click on my name and follow the link to my website. I also invite you to read my blog at Thanks!

Jarred said...

While I'm glad Rick Warren finally spoke out, he's not a-okay in my book. None of these people will be a-okay in my book so long as it take a great deal of prodding and the threat of bad publicity to get them to speak out against such injustices. As a friend used to say, what a man does when the world is watching defines his reputation, but what that man does when no one is watching defines his character. And as my friend also is fond of saying, in many cases, if a man's reputation and his character were to meet on the street, there's a good chance that neither one would recognize the other.

I'll also note that it's particularly maddening that it takes so much prodding to get these men to speak out against injustice and oppression against LGBT people when they're clearly willing to speak out about the supposed sinfulness of homosexuality with barely a word of encouragement. And they're likely to do so at great lengths.