Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Maggie, Brian, and Robert (and others too numerous to name here)

Testimony has now concluded in the federal trial of Prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage approved by California voters (something you three NOM-ers know all too well since you played a huge role and pulled out all the stops in getting it passed). And after 12 days of testimony, I now understand why you were so worried about this trial being televised and your primary reason was NOT because of fear for the safety of your witnesses (although I'd be afraid if my sole goal in life was to enshrine my hatred, homophobia, and bigotry into state constitutions across the country.)

NO, the reason you guys didn't want to let this trial reach the internet or air on any other public venue is because you really didn't have any defense for pushing this ugly proposition onto the ballot and into our laws other than pure unadulterated bigotry and hate:

What stands out the most after having seen all the witnesses on both sides is how overwhelmingly one-sided the evidence in this case turned out to be. The plaintiffs, represented by some of the most skilled attorneys in the country, laid out a well-crafted, meticulous case, backed by the testimony of half a dozen of the most respected historians, psychologists, economists, and political scientists who study marriage, sexual orientation, and child development.

Using the Prop 8 proponents' own outrageous and inflammatory words, ads, and emails, the plaintiffs powerfully demonstrated that Prop 8 was a direct product of hostility, fear-mongering, and demonization of lesbians and gay men. And through the deeply moving testimony of the plaintiffs and other members of our community, they proved beyond question that denying same-sex couples the right to marry causes great harm to LGBT people and their children.

Stacked up against this mountain of facts, scholarship, and science, the Prop 8 proponents - though represented by fine attorneys - were not able to come forward with a case of their own. Before trial, they dropped nearly every witness they had planned to present and relied entirely on two poorly qualified, ill-prepared expert witnesses, neither of whom was able to establish that banning same-sex couples from getting married has any rational or legitimate purpose relating to procreation, child rearing, tradition, or any of the other justifications that have been offered in the past in support of anti-gay discrimination. In fact, nearly all of the defendants' experts agreed with the plaintiffs that marriage equality would benefit same-sex couples and their families in many real, tangible ways.

And as for all you hateful Christian right-wing pastors who have used your bully pulpits to demonize and dehumanize our glbt children in the name of Christian Values and Family Values, you have been exposed too. You not only cheapened both sets of values, but you confirmed for those of us who truly do know what Family Values and Christian Values are that you are nothing but sanctimonious, blowhard frauds.

Shame on you, may God forgive you your sins because this seething mom never will. The agony and hurt you have caused by singling out and hurting so many people solely because they do not meet your standards for normal cannot be quantified.


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