Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Arizona

Do we really want this embarrassing, corrupt, blowhard of a buffoon representing us again? Really now, think about it. J.D. Hayworth isn't even back in office yet and he is already ahead of the game in a big way when it comes to burnishing the Republican Party's credentials for being the party of social conservative fools with really weird sexual hang-ups.

But I think this time the buffoon really outdid himself (please click over, the picture over there is worth a thousand words):

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth says the only way to keep a man from marrying a horse is through a federal marriage amendment.
Naturally, we can think of several other snafus that might keep a man from marrying a horse -- namely a horse's inability to speak or sign a marriage license (basic anatomy coming in second).
But Hayworth feels that a same-sex marriage decision handed down by the Massachusetts Supreme Court is so loosely written that it could allow a man to marry a clydesdale.
Hayworth expressed his concerns about inter-species romance on a Florida talk show over the weekend.

Here is the clip from the radio talk show:

And here is a clip of Rachael Maddow making mincemeat of the poor fella (and I don't even think he knew it):


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