Friday, April 23, 2010

Arizona - land of the lunatic fringe and a governor appointed by God

Well she did it. Arizona governor Jan Brewer spent the night praying to the God she claims put her in office. And guess what? He told her to go ahead and sign Arizona Senator Russell Pearce's extremely odious anti-immigrant bill into law -- so she did. Cuz what God and Sheriff Joe want, God and Sheriff Joe get.

Boy oh boy what a busy little soldier our accidental governor is. With our former Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, barely out the door and on her way to Washington DC, our new God-anointed governor got to work immediately. There was so much to do: she had health care and other benefits to strip from domestic partners and dependents of gay and lesbian state employees, she had weak gun laws she needed to water down into non-existence, and a state full of women who are not smart enough to make decisions about their own bodies without the moral guidance of our legislature and her.

Is it any wonder Arizona, under governor Jan Brewer's guidance, is no longer considered the Grand Canyon state, but a wingnut paradise? And who can be surprised that global commentary about Arizona includes phrases like “nuttiest legislative body,” “America’s dumbest state,” and “blazing a trail into the fringe”. Good Lord in heaven, with her proven track record as a rubber stamp for the most ludicrous legislation a wingnut can dream of, I wouldn't be surprised if our illustrious and equally bat-sh*t crazy, legislature were now working on some kind of "Birther Bill".

Oh wait! Too late. There already is one:

Representative Judy Burges is at it again.

The Skull Valley Republican, who's introduced such laughable legislation as the "I didn't pay enough fund," which asks taxpayers to donate money to the state to help Arizona out of it's current financial nightmare, has introduced a new bill that feeds the controversial fire about whether Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Burges has introduced House Bill 2441, which would require a presidential candidate to prove his or her citizenship before being included on the ballot in Arizona.

So if you like a state that is more than happy to:

Then this is the state for you!

But hey, the upside is we provide plenty of material for late night comedians:

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