Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Dr. George Rekers

Once again I find myself in the very uncomfortable and unenviable position of having to thank a world class, homophobic, hate-mongering, hypocritical, self- loathing and deeply closeted man who has dedicated his life to legislating misery into the lives of gays and lesbians. And boy do I hate that. But right is right and this seething momma owes you a huge debt of gratitude. So here goes:

Thank you George for reinforcing my deeply-held belief that you cannot change how you are wired and who you are attracted to, no matter how hard you try to deny it, no matter how hard you pray, no matter how hard you work to pass nasty anti-gay legislation, no matter how many bible passages you throw out there to back up your tortured twisted beliefs, and no matter how much bogus, laughable, anti-gay junk-science research you cook up to assist you in stripping gays and lesbians of rights that everyone else enjoys. You simply cannot escape what God intended you to be: a gay man.

And George, thank you also for confirming for the umpteenth time my husband's and my firm belief that all parents with gay children absolutely, positively MUST encourage their children to come out and proudly be who they are. You have provided us yet another tragic example of just how toxic and harmful the closet can be. After all the unwanted embarrassment and trauma you have endured this past week, can you really expect good and loving parents to encourage their beloved gay children to try and be something they are not? Because if you could, then you really are the monster many believe you to be. No one but a monster would wish upon their beloved child the pitiful, tortured, and agonizing existence you have endured for decades and the very public and humiliating crash and burn ending you are experiencing now. No one.

So thank you Dr. George Rekers for reinforcing for me what true family and Christian values are: loving and accepting our gay and lesbian children just as God has made them, encouraging our gay and lesbian children to come out and be true to themselves, and encouraging them to work to make this a kinder and gentler world than the cruel one you worked so hard to create.

Rachael Maddow's take on all of this (well worth the watch):

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