Sunday, November 07, 2010

Dear Pope - Shut Up

So the Pope is in Spain right now defending the family and attacking the government of Spain. That's side-splittingly laughable - isn't it? Good gawd this guy is so flippin tone-deaf and blind. Where the HELL was he when his own precious Church was destroying families around the world by protecting the pedophile priests who were boinking five-year olds in the confessional? Where was he when his own precious church was moving those pedophile priests to other unsuspecting parishes when things got too hot at their current parishes? Does this man not understand why he is not one bit credible with his pleas for the family? He and his predecessors have been more damaging to the family than any gay or lesbian couple will ever be.

I know I have said this before, but this guy needs to understand that the world is laughing at him. He doesn't have the moral high ground to tell anyone or any government what is or isn't a threat to the family. He represents an institution that has been ripping apart families for decades. And they knew what was going on the whole time. They just chose to protect the bank accounts rather than the families they were destroying.

Go home Pope. Please, go home. And shut the hell up. You have zero moral high ground left under your little red Gucci shoes. You are nothing but a pitiful joke.

Oh, and one more thing... What do you think you do to families when you proclaim their gay or lesbian child "intrinsically evil"? And don't feed me any BS about recently backing off from that statement and calling them only "somewhat intrinsically evil", it doesn't lessen the cruelty or the horror of the statement, it just shreds the hearts of all the people who love their children just as they are and sends the message that our children are not worthy of God's love. And for those families who believe everything that comes out of your mouth, dear Pope, it rips those families apart since so many of them just end up throwing their children to the street like rotting garbage:

In an unexpected move today, Pope Benedict XVI announced that gays are no longer “intrinsically evil,” but only “somewhat intrinsically evil.” The Pope made what is being heralded in the religious world as a “groundbreaking concession” on April 1st, after a week-long international conference of LGBT Catholics was held in Rome. The Vatican had said that the conference would “tarnish the city’s exemplary history as a center for moral guidance to a decidedly heathen world.”

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