Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Senator GrampyMcKnuckledragger (R-AZ)

Well it looks like your job as chief Republican homophobe and bigot is going to get much harder now that details of the Pentagon report on the impact of repealing DADT are leaking out. In fact, if we are to believe Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, he says:

Bottom line: The military has spoken. And the pretexts for opposing repeal are running out.

So what's next Senator? A big temper tantrum followed by a long diatribe about your experience and expertise on all things military?

Sadly sir, you have made it harder and harder to admire you anymore, in fact for most of us, you have become someone to be pitied and ignored.

Spare yourself more embarrassment. Stop standing in the way of repealing DADT and move on. You've lost the argument, you've lost the high ground, and worst of all, you've lost credibility.


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