Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Dream Act - one more way that Republicans will reveal themselves for who they really are

I just got done reading this beautiful and very moving passage over at Andrew Sullivan's blog. It is taken from an essay written by a young lady who is a senior at Harvard who also happens to be an illegal immigrant. The essay in its entirety is posted on The Daily Beast. But here is the passage lifted from Andrew:

Will these next seven months be the last I spend in the United States? It is November and I have already lost the ability to think in the future tense, as if my heart had anesthetized my mind in preparation for the possible disappointments of the next several months. I sleep without setting any alarm clocks. I speak faster in hopes that I might get more English words in. I kiss slower to feel more, here, longer. I’m at a road that bifurcates into continents and I am terrified because I know I might once again have to live with a decision that is not mine to make. It would hurt to be forced to leave, but it hurts to stay the way I’m staying now. I belong to this place but I also want it to belong to me.

This young lady, according to Andrew, has been in this country since kindergarten. She is obviously very bright, very educated, and very in love with this country. And this is who we will be throwing out of this country should the Dream Act fail to pass. And as it looks right now, Republicans are NOT interested in voting for anything that might give the opposition party a victory - even if it might also be good for the country. So if that means kicking out kids who have been brought here illegally through no fault of their own, educated here, and with so much promise of making great contributions to this county, then so be it.

My God, when did the Republican Party get so cruel, so hardened, so bigoted, and so short-sighted? How in the hell does anyone vote for a party that has made such a mockery of everything this country has ever stood for? And why did it take me learning I had a gay son to realize all of this? Good lord, I voted for the very people that would end up being my son's worst enemies. I should have run as fast as I could in the opposite direction when I heard these Republican frauds claiming to be the Party of Family and Chrisitan Values. I know damn good and well that anyone who feels they have to tell you what a good person he or she is, probably is doing so because their actions speak otherwise.

When I read things like the passage above and I realize that this beautiful young lady will be yet another victim of hateful, nasty politics, I feel nothing but shame and regret. How did I ever call myself a Republican and hold my head up high? How could I have been so stupid?

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