Tuesday, November 09, 2010

GLAD files another law suit against the discriminatory federal DOMA law

Well President Obama and fellow elected Democrats, as you sit there and lick your self-inflicted wounds from this past election, please remember that when you make promises to your constituents, you need to keep them. Promising, Mr. President, to be a "fierce advocate" for our glbt friends and families means just that. Promising to get rid of odious and discriminatory laws like DOMA and DADT means following up with action.

And if you don't, there are consequences --- as you are finding out from this past election.

We shouldn't have had to look to the courts for remedies to these unjust laws, but because of the inaction and actual betrayal of all those promises you made while campaigning in 2008, we must rely on organizations like GLAD to undo these nasty laws. Thank God they have the courage to do what you couldn't or wouldn't:


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