Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Arizona Irony

Pointed out so well by John on Towleroad and posted at Andrew's place as the Comment of the day:

"Does anyone else see the irony in this tragedy? In Arizona, the state that has been the de facto "face" of recent political gay bashing (DADT-McCain) and racism (their highly controversial immigration law), a white straight man shoots a female Jewish member of congress who then has her life saved by a gay Hispanic American. It's poetic,"
I have to wonder if our governor, Jan Brewer, in her quiet moments, has any regrets about her decision to demonize minorities in Arizona for political gain. I would like to think she does, but then again, any person who can deny poor and desperately ill people the transplants they need to survive and not even blink, is probably also incapable of feeling any regret either.

And as for Senator John McCain, well I am done talking about him ... He's a sad sack of cynicism and ugly and I have no illusions that he will change or redeem himself after his disgusting behavior during the DADT repeal hearings.

Poor, poor Arizona...

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