Friday, January 28, 2011

New Hampshire gays are fighting back against the hate group NOM

The ad below is what California and Maine needed when NOM, an out-of-state hate group, came riding in with the sole purpose of making sure gay families are denied any rights whatsoever using whatever despicable dirty trick they could to achieve that goal.

I love this ad. It packs a powerful punch, but doesn't stoop to the lies or trickery that NOM does. And when dealing with hateful bullies like NOM, that is what it is going to take. NOM is not going to rest until they rip the right to marry from every New Hampshire gay and lesbian and their children. They will do it with the same lies, the same sources of money (probably from the Catholic and Mormon churches as they did before), and any other deceitful ugly tactic they can think of.

Let's hope the good people of New Hampshire see this group of carpet-bagging haters for what they are: pitiful losers who are so blinded by their hatred for lgbt people that they will stop at nothing to hurt them and their families.


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