Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Another thug posing as a good Christian

Some days I just want to go back to bed and cry. This morning is one of those days. I made the mistake of going over to JMG's place and reading about another creep who uses some perverse form of Christianity to bully and hate in God's name. And who would have thunk it? He is also a member of the GOP, the official sponsor of all things God, Guns, Gays, and Abortion.

So what specifically has me trembling with so much seething rage that I can barely type? This SOB has stalled a bill in the Kentucky state legislature that would ban bullying of gay students in Kentucky schools. And how did this putrid piece of sanctimonious garbage accomplish it? By attaching a poison pill amendment:

Harmon has filed an amendment that would allow students to condemn other students' sexual preferences as long as that expression of a religious belief does not include physical harm or damaging property. "If someone, just in conversation, said, 'You know, I think homosexuality is a sin,' well we don't want that child to be bullied because they have a certain moral or religious belief," said Harmon, "And we don't want them, certainly don't want them to be labeled a bully just because they have that particular belief."
Because as we all know, you haven't been bullied unless you have been beaten to a bloody pulp. Never mind all those children who have been verbally harassed at school until they reach a point in which they feel they have no way out but to kill themselves.

Watch the video and weep:

Distraught does not even begin to describe how I am feeling today. I'm going back to bed...


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