Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Family Values and Sanctity of Marriage for thee but not for me

Rachel Maddow does a very nice job (as usual) of chronicling the mind-blowing hypocrisy of Republican blowhard politicians who still think they can be at the forefront of legislating our morals in spite of their own falls from grace. I guess they know their base well and worry not a scintilla about being called out on the complete disconnect between their words and their own disgusting behavior.

Well the good news is that one of the people Rachel talks about in the clip below, John Ensign, has finally decided that he will put his family first and retire from the Senate in 2012 rather than running again and rehashing all his anti-family values and complete trashing of the sanctity of his own marriage.

But as for David Vitter, the Senator from Louisiana who had a problem with prostitutes (both in DC and in his home state) and a diaper fetish, well..., the good people of Louisiana decided that old prostitute-lover Diaper Dave was still a far cry better than electing a Democrat. God forbid.

And Newt Gingrich? Well that sob has quite the colorful history as well. He may not have enjoyed messy diapers and prostitutes, but he sure enjoyed cheating on numerous wives while simultaneously leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton for a blowjob. And now this sanctimonious ass is out there again with dreams of running for president in 2012. What a delusional little creep he is, or ... maybe not. I guess he figures if Diaper Dave can be re-elected in a landslide despite his vile history, why can't he?

Well watch Rachel put the history of these putrid Family Values and Marriage Protector frauds out there for all to see. It really is enough to make one sick.


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