Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matt Barber Says Gay Kids Kill Themselves Because They Know They Are Immoral

So Matt Barber of the Liberty Council thinks gay kids commit suicide because they know it's unnatural and immoral:

No Mr. Barber, what's unnatural is your very unhealthy and rather fetish-like obsession with all things gay. And what's immoral Mr. Barber is the fact that you have no problem using the power of your bully pulpit to push many of our emotionally at-risk gay and lesbian children to believe they have no choice but to commit suicide to escape the cruelty of creepy heathens like you. You are, Mr. Barber, nothing more than a bully and a homophobe who spews first-grade level bible gibberish that serves as the sustenance that feeds the hate of the feeble-minded who cannot think for themselves.

But as is almost always the case with people like you Mr. Barber, you are also a big fat coward. Yes Mr. Barber, a coward. Anyone that sits behind the safety of a microphone in a secure little bunker-style radio room and spews vile lies about innocent people they don't even know and will never have to face is a coward. And that so many of those people are young and vulnerable children trying to make sense of their God-given sexual orientation makes you evil and cruel as well.

I dare you Mr. Barber to leave the safety of that cozy little secured bully pulpit you sit your considerable arse in everyday and face this seething momma and a crowd of other mothers and fathers whose beloved children you demonize and push to the brink of destruction on a daily basis. I dare you Mr. Barber to trade that microphone that you use to spread your hate to the masses via public air waves from the safety of your little control room for a microphone in a public auditorium in front of thousands of parents like me who have gay children they love so much it hurts. I dare you Mr. Barber to tell us to our faces what you so courageously say when you don't have to look us, the people you are so deeply hurting, in the eyes. And I double-dare
you Mr. Barber to tell us to our faces that those of us who have lost children to suicide that our children killed themselves because they knew they were immoral and unnatural while conveniently leaving out the fact that they felt that way because vermon like you have dedicated their lives to making sure they believed that. Could you do that Mr. Barber? Could you actually tell us to our faces how evil our children are? Could you tell that mom or dad who just buried their child their kid knew he was immoral? You are all bravado and sanctimony behind the walls of your control room Mr. Barber, but do you have the balls to repeat those vile lies while looking us, the parents of those children, in the eyes?

Well I for one will not be holding my breath. Bullies target the vulnerable and the powerless. And for you Mr. Barber the target of your hate and destruction is our children. You may be an evil sanctimonious fraud and b*stard, but you aren't stupid and you aren't suicidal. We serve you no purpose. Why on earth would you ever consider facing the people whose children it is your life's mission to destroy?


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