Friday, March 04, 2011

Not even Six Degrees of Separation from the Westboro Baptist Church

So big marriage defender, Maggie Gallagher of NOM (National Organization for Marriage), is very, very peeved by the Supreme Court"s ruling in favor of the extremely anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church and its right to picket funerals of dead soldiers with repulsive, hateful and usually anti-gay signs:

"The fringe cult calling itself Westboro Baptist (a small congregation consisting of close, and possibly incestuous, relatives of Fred Phelps, who calls himself a pastor) first became famous by protesting gay rights events with revolting signs suggesting that God hates gay people. (They used another offensive terms as well). These ugly signs proved irresistible to reporters from the New York Times etc., who like to pretend this sentiment captures religious conservatives' views generally..."
Why does it feel like Miss Maggie is getting a bit too sensitive and protesteth-ing a bit too much? She knows damn well that she and the rest of her anti-gay ilk who masquerade as society's moral gatekeepers and grand protectors of marriage do not even have six degrees of separation from the repulsive Westboro Baptist Church. Is it because deep down inside she knows the only thing that really separates her and her fellow sanctimonious frauds who bleat their protect marriage bullsh*t from the freaks at the Westboro Baptist Church is the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church doesn't make any effort to hide their hate in fancy-schmancy, bible-ly language and pretend concern for marriage and children like Maggie and her anti-gay brethren do? Could it be that Miss Maggie Morals is getting a bit nervous that those of us who have brains don't really see much difference between her and the Westboro Baptist Church? Or does Miss Maggie need the Westboro Baptist Church to be muzzled so that no one can make the connection that both she and the WBC really have more in common than not? I mean, think about it, both have dedicated their lives and funneled all of their energy and passions into making sure that a whole segment of our society is stripped of all rights, dignity, and respect simply because they love someone Miss Maggie and the Reverend Fred Phelps don't approve of.

So forget it Maggie, this seething momma and every other person who has a gay someone in their life they care deeply about is not one bit fooled by your pretend outrage at the Supreme Court ruling or your faux revulsion for the Westboro Baptist Church. It pains me greatly to say this, but I want those nasty people from the Westboro Baptist Church out there in the open in all their hateful glory for everyone to see (and compare to you).

And here's a news flash Maggie, I actually agree with the Supreme Court ruling to protect WBC's freedom of speech and religion (though it pains me deeply to see these very sick, twisted people protesting at the funerals of our fallen soldiers). I want those WBC hate mongers out there with their despicable signs and raging hate for everyone to see. And I want people to see them and realize that they really aren't much different than you - except maybe a little rougher around the edges and a little less careful to hide their profound hatred of gay people. And I want people to know that their goals are exactly the same as yours even though you will deny it to the day you take your last breath. But probably the biggest reason I agree with the Supreme Court decision is this: the next time you tell the big fat lie that the legalization of gay marriage will deny "religious" people like you and the Reverend Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church your freedom of speech and the right to practice your religion, I will call you out for the big fat liar you are.

Another point I suppose I should make after thinking about things is this: I took a snippet of Miss Maggie Morals' quote and left out what really has her in a tither. So I would like to include another snippet which makes clear why she is really angry with the Supreme Court's decision (well 8 out of the 9 - Alito voted the way she think they all should have):

"Only Justice Sam Alito had the common sense to recognize that somewhere in our great Constitution, there has to be a way to let people bury their dead, without becoming the objects of other people's monomaniacal desire to disrupt their grieving for publicity purposes."
So to be clear, Miss Maggie is all for free speech and freedom of religion when it comes to going after the lgbtq community. But she definitely does have problems when homophobes like the WBC clan picket funerals of our fallen soldiers (but don't we all?). I guess someone needs to let little Miss Maggie in on the bad news. Our constitution guarantees free speech and freedom to practice any kind of religion we please and that includes the Reverend Fred Phelps and his nasty little clan of bigots. The constitution doesn't do caveats. And if Maggie had half a brain she'd realize that is a good thing. She will always be guaranteed the right to be a hateful homophobe who tells ugly, vicious lies in order to justify her intense desire to strip every last gay American of the same rights she and her children enjoy. And thanks to the Supreme Court ruling so will her brother-in-arms, the reverend Fred Phelps. In the Supreme Courts eyes, there is no difference between Miss Maggie and old Freddie boy.


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