Monday, April 04, 2011

Been doing a lot of lazy posting lately

And for that I apologize. We've been on a 10 day road trip and are now on the last leg with an arrival back home planned for this Wednesday. We left on Sunday a week ago, took our sweet time getting to our destination, with stops in some incredible small towns along the way and chance encounters with some truly colorful people I will never forget.

Our adventure started when our daughter called a few weeks ago to tell us she had a lacrosse tournament the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd in Corvallis, Oregon. And that was all it took. We packed up the car -- our 15 yr old doggie included, swung by to pick up my mom, and took off for a leisurely trip up the coast of California with strategically planned stops, one of which was Los Angeles to see our son (yes, the gay one).

So what was going on in Corvallis besides a multi-school women's college lacrosse tournament? Why -- the April 2011 Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon of course. And our hotel was full of hardy, well-trained, and very fit participants with their trusty bikes and can-do attitudes. What a fun group that was.

It wasn't perfect weather in Corvallis. One minute it was snowing tiny little snow pellets, the next enough rain to dampen the clothes and run the mascara, and the next the gray overcast sky would open up enough to allow a few anemic rays of sunshine (but strong enough to warm our frozen fingers and toes) to peak through. So we got a nice mix of everything mother nature had up her sleeve while standing out there on that OSU field cheering our little lacrosse player on. It was so much fun and I am so glad we did it.

And right now? We just finished our drive for today. And we are all relaxing in a lovely dog-friendly hotel room in Monterey, California with a postcard perfect view of the Pacific ocean right outside our window watching our favorite college basketball team lose to UConn in the NCAA championship game (well actually -- dear hubby and dear mom are watching the game, I'm sitting here blogging while enjoying the sounds of that incredible ocean just outside. It would be a crime to do anything else...)

Ahhhh I'm in heaven...


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