Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Hampshire Tea Party Activists Don't See Harm From State Same-Sex Marriage Law

Wow! A video clip of Tea Party Activists that hasn't caused me any heartburn:

According to the person at Think Progress who went to Concord, New Hampshire to cover a Tax Day Tea Party sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, he could not find a single Tea Party activist who felt that "expanding marriage to gays and lesbians has undermined their relationships or in any way changed the state" when he asked them about the legalization of gay marriage in their state.

This should be causing Maggie Gallagher and her fellow bigots over at NOM, the National Organization for Marriage a lot of heartburn (better them than me).

And on a related note (and cause for even more heartburn for poor ole Maggie), John over at AMERICAblog Gay has posted yet another reason to hope that the tide is turning for good on the issue of marriage equality - a lot of polls are now showing that more than half of all Americans now support marriage equality:

A lot of polls are showing this recently. And it matters. First, because it does in fact show that there's a trend in our favor. Second, the courts aren't immune from news, and trends, like this. Maggie Gallagher can spew her bigotry all she wants, and she'll even win in the short-term because her bigots are well-motivated and well-financed by the Catholics and the Mormons. But in the long-run, Maggie, the Catholic Church and the Mormons will be listed in the history books alongside the people who turned fire hoses on African-American civil rights marchers.


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