Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Koch Bros - It's the evil thing

When I post something, I try very hard to stay within the very narrow focus of this blog, which is my seething rage at the politicians and so-called "religious" folks, and anyone else for that matter, who dedicates all their energy to making sure my gay son will never have the same rights, protections, or dignity guaranteed my other two children.

So having said that, I post the video clip below with an explanation of why I feel this fits into my mission statement above. I have watched as movements like the tea party, funded in large part by billionaires like the Koch Bros, have grown and become more influential and embedded in our politics. What at first looked like a grassroots movement fed by anger and disillusionment with status quo government by regular citizens of this country has really become a stealth opportunity for corporations and billionaires like the Koch Brothers to buy politicians, destroy our democracy, and make it more a government for the corporations instead of the people.

Thanks to wealthy corporations (and billionaires like the Koch Brothers), extreme right-wing ideology has taken over the Republican Party and completely tainted democracy as we know it. But something else is also happening, and that is the near fetish-like obsession the right-wing Christianists have traditionally had with women's issues and gay rights seems to be of huge importance to these tea party politicians as well. And thanks to the Koch Brothers, we are seeing a lot more legislation popping up on these issues.

These tea party idiots, who proclaim to want smaller government, only want smaller government when it pertains to their gun rights, their taxes, and any social program that helps the poor or acts as a safety net in scary times like now. But, when it comes to women's right to make their own decisions about their healthcare without government intervention, or full equality for our glbt brothers and sisters, these Koch Brothers-funded tea party idiots suddenly don't think government is big enough or intrusive enough and they are actively working to make sure that changes. I believe they won't stop until women and the glbt community are forever crushed by heavy-handed, and in many cases, bigoted laws.

I blame the Koch Brothers for their part in all this nasty, intrusive, and bigoted legislation. They are funding the scary nutcases who are working diligently to pass these oppressive laws on both the national and state level. And I despise the Koch Brothers for it, which is why I have posted this very well-done video below. Any chance to put a spotlight on these people will be welcomed here.


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