Monday, May 30, 2011

The tale of two governors

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin
Here's the story of two governors, one a Democrat and one a Republican, both doing one of the many jobs that governors do when they are elected into office: signing a bill into law. But by looking at just what these two governors are signing into law, we see a very revealing and stark contrast between the two men and their priorities for their respective states. We can also see to whom their loyalties are directed and what their definitions of moral values, family values, and Christian values are.
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

First, meet Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (top image). He is signing into law a bill establishing a single-payer health care plan for the state, making Vermont the first state to do so. Governor Shumlin sites as one reason for signing this bill into law a "moral imperitive" to fix the problem of so many un-insured and under-insured Vermonters.

And now, meet Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. He is signing into law a bill effectively reversing an ordinance passed by the Metro Council that required
contractors with the city (Nashville) to agree to follow Metro's rules barring discrimination against gay,lesbian and transgendered people. The bill also prohibits any other city in Tennessee from putting in place anti-discrimination policies that would protect their glbt citizens.

For me, this begs the quesion, what problem is TN Governor Haslam trying to fix? And does he consider stripping TN glbt citizens of protections against discrimination  a "moral imperative" too?

Can you guess which man is the Republican and which man is the Democrat? Funny thing is, the man who stripped his glbt constituents of protections against discrimination effectively giving the business community the green light to discriminate without fear of repercussions is a member of the party that claims the mantle of Family Values, Christian Values, and Moral Values. And surprise, surprise - he is a Republican. The party that all the so-called "good" Christians flock to because they believe the Republican Party does a better job heeding the teachings of Jesus - like the one about loving thy neighbor as yourself - except if they are gay, lesbian, or transgendered.  Oh wait... I don't think Jesus had any caveats.

Someone please tell me why anyone with a modicum of decency or conscience would ever vote for a politician who claims to be a member of today's Republican Party. It is a party that is completely bereft of any kind of moral compass or values. It is a party that panders to those within its base who demand hateful laws that oppress and discriminate against minorities they loathe in exchange for votes. It is the party that ignores the real problems facing this country, while inserting big government into the private lives of women, glbt people, and any other minority its religious base dictates. It is the party that thinks nothing of legislating their twisted religious beliefs into our laws and our state constitutions. It is the party that bellows on and on about the Sanctity of Marriage and Family Values by day while slinking around by night boinking prostitutes, or the wives of their aides, or the man in the airport bathroom stall right next him, or ... well ... you get the picture.

I simply do NOT see a day in which I will EVER vote for a Republican again. The party corrupts decent people and destroys anyone who does not march in lock-step to the ideology of the religious-right hate groups that vote for them or the corporate hand that feeds them. It is the party that offers safe haven to bigots, homophobes, and authoritarian misogynists. It is the party that sold its soul to the devil, but still thinks it has a direct phone line to God. It is the party that excels at boasting about all the values it possesses, but fails miserably at actually living them or legislating them.

It is a party I hope is heading into extinction.


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