Wednesday, June 08, 2011


IOKIYAR:  Acronym meaning:  It's OK if you are Republican

In a fit of anger, I posted about this yesterday, and today I see that Rachel Maddow is talking about this very same topic as well. She just does it in a much more calm and succinct manner, although I think we are both pretty much on the same page. I just took it a step farther and said I do not think Anthony Weiner should resign.

Watch and relish, especially the part about our "good" Family/Christian Values Senator who got caught with prostitutes and is rumored to have a diaper fetish, but still sits his holier-than-thou nondiapered arse (thank gawd!) in the United States Senate representing the good state of Louisiana and legislating laws that affect heathens like you and me:

Oh and PS: I still don't think Anthony Weiner should resign. I am still devastated by his stupidity, but I think he should stay. Hey, if Diaper Dave Vitter is still a Senator in good standing with his Family/Christian Values Party, then ...



Sallie said...

Wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am Nicole's mom. I have many stories that are similar including hearing my son describe how sad I was at the time I found out. I thought I was doing so well but I can only remember being very afraid for him. These were the Matthew Shepard years and I was always so worried. He is 31 now but I still worry I guess it is a mom thing. Love your blog and you as well. We need to stay mad and demand change. Sallie

Wormwood's Doxy said...

SM--have to disagree with you on this one. I think BOTH of them should be gone.

Here's my take:

Let's Be Clear....

Short summary: Weiner is a sexual harasser. That means he is NOT a friend to women, or a true progressive.

We can--and should--do better.


Seething Mom said...

Oh Welcome Sallie and thank you. We moms do have to stick together and fight. We can be a powerful lot.

And your daughter, Nicole, is one amazing daughter and sister. Please give her a big hug and kiss for me. She is a force to be reckoned with. I am so glad Jeff Wilfahrt pointed me to her blog.

Seething Mom said...

Oh Doxy, you are so right. I become so overwhelmed with the hypocrisy of our holier-than-thou party that I forget to take a 30,000 foot view of the picture. Yes, Anthony Wiener IS a sexual harasser and if it had been daughter on the receiving end of his sexting, I would be throwing one big-time hissy fit.

Thank you for keeping me on my toes. I love you all the more for it!