Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York: Republican Senator Mark Grisanti speaks before the vote on same sex marriage bill

This is a man I wish I could personally thank for his thoughtful, fair, and truly conservative approach to reaching a decision on how he would vote on this issue. And by his own admission he struggled, agonized, and listened to many, many people from both sides before making a decision on how he would vote. It should also be mentioned that Senator Grisanti was one of only four Republicans who had the courage to buck his party's majority and vote for marriage equality in spite of huge possible repercussions to his future political career.

The Senator makes it very clear in the video clip below that his Catholic faith strongly forms his personal religious belief that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, but his background as an attorney forms his belief that there is absolutely no legal reason to deny a whole segment of law-abiding, tax-paying New York citizens the same rights, benefits, and protections that he and his wife enjoy. But probably most importantly, his vote showed us his human side. By voting yes for marriage equality, he was able step over the contentious divides that hot-button social issues like this create and acknowledge that the love of a gay or lesbian couple is just as real and deserving of recognition and protections as the love he and his wife share. He actually did something that the modern day GOP cannot do, he put a human face on my son and the millions of gays and lesbians who've suffered greatly from years of abuse at the expense of a party that stood to gain politically by keeping the glbt community faceless and not-human.

This momma thanks you Senator. Your vote the other night has given dads and moms like my husband and me the very real hope that our beloved gay son will actually grow up enjoying the same rights and protections his brother and sister enjoy. Your vote gave our gay son and millions just like him dignity. But most of all your vote treated our son like a human being and not the monster your Party and many religious and family advocate organizations make him out to be.  And I shall forever be grateful to you for that.


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