Friday, June 24, 2011

Southwest Pilot Accidentally Broadcasts Misogynistic, Homophobic Rant

I'm back home. And after many planes, trains, metros, buses, and taxis, I figured the clip below was an appropriate way to break back into blogging about the raging, idiot homophobes who will unfortunately always be around no matter how much progress we make with gay rights. And judging by many of the comments just on the first page of YouTube ("Fucking hilarious!!!', "Great speech from that dude!!! Jajaja", "Fuck diversity.", "ROFLMAO.......too funny") there are a lot more creeps just like this Airline Pilot out there. Let's hope time and progress will make it harder and harder for these slimebags to slither out from under their rocks. It just pisses me off that the very people he attacks still have to work with this bigoted jerk. I have to agree with Brian Moylan at Gawker when he says:

They let this guy back on the job? If I flew Southwest in the first place, I'd boycott! All we can hope is that the "gays" and "grannies" he works with have come up with an awful nickname for him and are using it to his face. How about "asshole"? That seems to fit.

Update:  Joy Behar and guests (including Dan Savage) weigh in:


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