Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tea Party Hypocrite Joe Walsh: Deadbeat Dad and Anathema to Anyone with True Family, Fiscal, or Christian Values

The first time I saw this blowhard of a weasel, Joe Walsh,  preening and vomiting teabag drivel in front of a camera, I was repulsed. I felt bad at the time for making such a snap judgment, but there was just something I could not put my finger on that caused me to recoil in complete revulsion.

I guess I should have trusted my gut because this guy is truly a reptile in tea bag clothing. He encapsulates everything that now represents today's Republican Party values: greed, hypocrisy, profound ignorance, arrogance, dishonesty, rigidity, exaggerated self-righteousness,  and a complete inability to feel any empathy or pain other than one's own. I am sure I missed a few Republican "values", but you get the idea.

So when I saw this clip of Joe Walsh giving President Obama a tongue lashing that dripped with so much pious, sanctimony and disrespect, I gagged. And this was before I learned that my gut could not have been more right on about Joe Walsh.

So watch this sanctimonious fraud lecture President Obama (and keep a barf bag close by) and then, when your stomach can take no more, go watch the clip below this one. And learn just how creepy and disgusting and hypocritical and putrid this Joe Walsh really is.

Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell for taking the time to peel away the thin veneer hiding who this guy really is. It's a dirty job, but you do it oh so well. It is getting so old having Republican frauds like Joe Walsh lecturing those of us who are fiscally responsible about fiscal responsibility, or Republican frauds like Newt Gingrich who has had numerous extamarital affairs and 3 wives lecturing those of us who have been married for decades to the same person about the sanctity of marriage, or Republican frauds like Michele Bachmann who "suck at the teet" of the federal Government by taking advantage of every federal program out there and then turning around to criticize those who collect what they are legitimately owed after years of hard work and paying into the program.

The Republican party would do well to take a look at the Catholic Church for lessons on what not to do. Decades and decades of child rape and molestation and cover-up has depleted any moral high ground the Church may have had to preach about the immorality of others. The Church becomes more inconsequential to more people every day because people do NOT like hypocrites. And in my opinion, it's looking like that's all that's left in the Republican party as well. Hypocrites, big fat repulsive hypocrites.


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