Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is being a skilled liar with convenient short-term and long-term memory loss a prerequisite for "good" right-wing evangelical Christians?

Because if it is, Michele Bachmann is one damn good evangelical Christian. Her latest big, fat lie? She doesn't judge gays and lesbians. What a lying idiot! Has she not heard of "the internets" or "the google"? Just do a google search using the search phrase "michele bachmann gays" to see the scope of her blatant dishonesty. It is literally months' worth of hateful, foam-at-the-mouth homophobic reading. Fer cryin out loud, she based her entire political career on homophobia.

Well all I can say is she better watch out, because a bigger, better buffoon has come along to woo the feeble-minded masses. I can't help but believe her days in the spotlight are coming to an end. And then her days as an out, loud, and proud bigot and homophobe can resume.

If you are a so-called "principled" Republican who is still hanging in there with your beloved party, be afraid, be very afraid.


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