Monday, September 19, 2011

The Clock is Ticking for Repeal

And JMG provides us with the Official Notice Of DADT Repeal:



JJ said...

It is a good day Kim. We're at Ft. Leonard Wood for a ceremony honoring fallen MPs, fifteen in the last year, and all here are quite aware of us in their presence. A tree, a memorial stone and an honorary hallway today for Andrew.

It is over, DADT is gone.

Jeff Wilfahrt

Sage said...

I have dedicated my blog today to Andrew Wifahrt. That it how I am "celebrating" DADT over at "Moyo Aflame."


Sage said...

I should say that is how I am celebrating the last step in the repeal of DADT

Seething Mom said...

Jeff, you and Lori are in all of our thoughts today. I cannot imagine what a bittersweet victory the repeal of DADT is for you both. But I cannot think of a better way to spend this day than to honor your son and the other fallen soldiers.

And yes, DADT is gone and your son proved to us all how ridiculous this discriminatory policy was. He came out to his fellow soldiers and it didn't matter to any of them. They knew him as an honorable man, a good soldier, and ultimately as a brave man who died serving his country. Who he chose to love never entered into the equation or diminished what he gave to this country.

A grave injustice was undone today. I just wish Andrew could be here to celebrate this momentous victory.