Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First day post-DADT - soldier calls home: "Daddy I'm Gay"

Well I'm sure glad no one can see me since I have mascara running down my face. This video clip really riled me up. First because he was taping this phone call and there was no way of knowing how his dad was going to react and then because .... well ... watch it and see for yourself.

Some nice comments on the YouTube page too:

  • In the Army and Im not gay. Proud to have you in the armed forces. We are brothers and Im glad you dont have to live in the closet anymore. Hoorah.
  • How courageous. Good for you! Glad you don't have to live in fear anymore over anyone's ignorance. What a GREAT FATHER!!!!! And people on here clearly FEAR the stupidest things.
  • Dude, this is cool. I mean he's in the army, so that's cool. Cool southern sounding dad. Ya know and you're cool. Being gay is fine man.
  • Are you aware that you're front page news on Yahoo! right now? I've said that you're amazing this whole time, but...congratulations, my good man.
  • You are an amazing person. Brave is not an adequate word to describe you. Something much better must be created specially for you.

And kudos to this wonderful young man's "Daddy".  I wish he were close enough to hug.

And last but definitely not least, I dedicate this post to two more amazing parents who cannot be honored enough, Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt, the Minnesota parents who lost their son Andrew to an IED in Kandahar, Afghanistan this past February. They are my heroes. And I am hoping and praying that they are doing ok on this very bittersweet first day of no more DADT.

UPDATE: ABC follows up on this emotional story. And by the way, dad had no idea his son was taping the call or that he had posted it to YouTube:


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Jeff Wilfahrt said...


On September 20th as some portion of the U.S. populace celebrated the end of DADT we stood in military ceremony at Ft. Leonard Wood in commemoration of 15 fallen MPs in last year. As the some rejoiced, we wept with other families for what has been lost to us forever.

Engraved bricks, a plaque, a tree and the echoes of a riderless horse and bagpipes was what the day brought us.

Jeff Wilfahrt, father of CPL Andrew Wilfahrt, 552nd MP Company, KIA 2-27-2011, Kandahar, Afghanistan.