Friday, October 28, 2011

I get letters...

OK I am starting this post with another apology. My husband and I are visiting our son in Washington DC right now and I am without a very good internet connection, so posting is going to be light until I get home or find a better connection. I am attempting this post with great trepidation as the speed in which pages are loading is sooo slow I am about to throw a temper tantrum. So fingers and toes crossed that this works.

But anyway, before I left for the airport, I received a great email from Daniel, who describes himself as a straight Ex Mormon and a reader of this blog. He had read my earlier post titled Dear Mormon Church and wanted to let me and my readers know about a website called I Am An Ex Mormon. And what a treasure it is. So I am going to encourage you all to head over and watch all the great video clips they have posted there. And I can assure you they are nothing like the hokey, sappy commercials I wrote about in my "Dear Mormon Church" post. In fact the Ex Mormon stories are so good and so touching (and sometimes sad) that I have to believe the Mormon Church has got to be a tad bit nervous that some or all of these great clips could go viral. So I will help the cause by posting a few of them here, but please visit the website and check them all out and then spread the word. .

And let's all hope that someone gets really inspired by these wonderful Ex Mormon stories and starts a copycat site called I Am An Ex Catholic. I'd sure consider throwing my hat into that ring.

Well it is time to let the fun begin. Here is Jack's story:

And here is Steve's story:

And here is Emily's story:

And here is Mary's story:


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Anonymous said...

So far I've only watched the first video and it's incredible.

Let me know if you know of anyone starting and ex-Baptist and/or ex-charismatic site. ;)