Thursday, October 13, 2011

More from the "We Do Campaign" in North Carolina

Via JMG:

This campaign really appeals to me on so many levels. What makes it so powerful in my eyes is seeing the actual families who will be denied the same rights and protections every other family in North Carolina gets. And if that opening scene with the parents and their children looking at a family photo album and the children squealing with so much glee and pride as they point out the different members of their family does not stir up very similar memories of your own family, in your own kitchen, with your own squealing gleeful children, then I don't know what will.

I guess it is the ordinariness and the familiarity of that scene that so moves me. This family is so much like mine that if it was simply a soundtrack with no visual, I'd have thought it was my family. How can anyone deny those beautiful, happy, children and the loving men who have provided them the stability and security of a good home the same rights and protections everyone else in North Carolina enjoys? And for those who can, you need to re-watch the clip above and ask yourself what Christian and Family Values really mean to you.

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