Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Willard

How does it feel looking a veteran right in the eye and telling him that some people are more equal than others? I know, I know, you had NO IDEA this veteran was gay and that you were stepping in it big time - did ya? Well no matter bud, no one likes you anyway, so losing another huge swath of voters isn't really going to hurt you much. And what a cryin shame, you've twisted and turned yourself into such a laughable, pitiful, and embarrassing mess just to please a segment of your base (who's never gonna vote for ya anyway) and now you've gone and pissed off gay veterans and the people who love them. What a flippin fool you are Willard:

Hat tip to Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt - parents of a gay son who lost his life to an IED in Afghanistan last February so Willard could have the freedom to make a world-class jackass of himself.

UPDATE: Here is a follow-up interview with the gay veteran, Bob Garon, about his encounter with Willard:



Sage said...

I have something I believe might just make your day whenever you get a chance to see it:http://ravenanda.blogspot.com/2011/12/photo-of-day.html

Seething Mom said...

Wow! Just wow! You are right Sage, this really did make my day. Thank you sweetheart.

Sage said...