Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rick Perry is an Ass

I know I am really late to this game (lots and lots of company), but the honest truth is, Rick Perry so repulses me I've decided to ignore him as much as possible. But because there have been so many great rebuttal video clips to the latest ridiculous ad put out by the "good" Christian Texas dim-bulb, I'm making an exception today. But first let's watch the idiotic ad that has racked up 568,476 (and counting) "dislikes" on the You Tube page (because someone was too stupid to turn that feature off) to a meager 16,634 "likes" and prompted TIME to write:

It (the ad) was clearly intended to elicit a strong reaction, and don’t think that that jaw-dropping comparison went unnoticed. In just a few days, the video garnered scores of negative reactions on YouTube and, at the time of writing, 399,152 dislikes. Just to put that into perspective, that’s more dislikes than viral star Rebecca Black’s video for “Friday” has received, and that song was the butt of endless jokes for months on end. Her official video is currently at 255,704 dislikes. She’s practically adored compared to Perry! (Though, to be fair, the Huffington Post points out that Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the most hated clip by far, with more than 2 million dislikes.)
So if you haven't seen this ad yet, here it is:

And because there are too many really good rebuttal ads, some funny, some serious, some downright crude, to post here, I've decided to share one that I found especially powerful and sincere. I saw it over at TPC and I liked it so much I decided to share it over at my place as well. This clip should be a wake-up call to the GOP (but it won't be). These young ladies perfectly represent the next generation coming of age to vote and they don't look kindly on hijacking the Christian Faith for political purposes or demeaning and dehumanizing minorities for political gain:

And then there are the crude responses to Perry's dufus ad and because I have some of my kids home for the holidays and more on the way, I am feeling especially sophomoric and silly and goofy today, so I am posting one that definitely could be classified as potty humor on the back page. So you'll have to decide whether to click over and watch it or not. But honestly, it depicts exactly what I was seeing in my own mind (cellulite and dimples and all) as I watched this world class idiot preen in front of the camera, bragging about what a great Christian he is while acting like a world class hateful dumb-ass.


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