Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Congratulations - You did it!

You soloed! 

And for those who are wondering ... yes, this is the son that inspired this blog. And for those who are curious what he looks like now ...  he looks like this:



Anonymous said...

You must be proud!

Seething Mom said...

Yes I am. He has always wanted to fly and now he is working towards a dream he has had since he was just a little guy - being an airline pilot. It's a tough goal, but I believe he can achieve it.

The funny thing is - his dad is a retired airline pilot, my brother is a US Air pilot and most of our friends have ties to the airline industry, so when Michael started doing his due diligence and talking to all these people before embarking on this journey, he got a lot of negative feedback and discouragement. It really gave him pause about whether he should go forward or not. He did not make this decision lightly. And he knows there are going to be a lot of lean years ahead. So soloing was a bright spot amidst all of this angst.