Friday, January 20, 2012

How dare anyone ask Newt, the Family Values and Sanctity of Marriage protector, anything about how he personally destroyed his own multiple marriages and families

Newt, the adulterer, hypocrite, and general scumbag, throws
tantrums when  anyone calls him on it.

So Republicans in South Carolina are lovin them some Newtster right about now. Or at least it looked that way at the debates last night. Just take a look at the clip below if you don't believe me.

Just 5 minutes in and CNN's debate moderator, John King, dared to question this relatively new and very staunch Catholic and old and very staunch Family Values politician about ABC's interview with Newt's former mistress and second ex-wife, Marianne, in which she claimed Ole Newtie wanted her to "share" him with his second mistress and current third wife, Calista, in an open marriage. And WOW. Just wow. Newt's response was pure Academy Award level faux outrage and distraction from the screaming fact that he is a pig, adulterer, and a grave danger to the institution of marriage as he envisions it for everyone else - except those icky homos.  

But apparently the bible belt Southern Baptist South Carolinian Conservative Evangelicals in the audience just lapped up Newt's blustery, blowhard, aghastedness at the fact that anyone would dare ask him about his own long and sordid history as a man-whore, hypocrite, and general scumbag extraordinaire. And boy oh boy did he let loose on poor ole John for daring to do the job he was being paid to do, ask the tough questions so we voters can get to know who we are voting for.

I personally was sickened by the Newt's tantrum, but then again I am not a Republican, I am not a Republican (deserves repeating), I am not a bible-thumpin hypocrite, and I certainly don't want Obama defeated at any cost even if it means voting for a toxic, stomach-turning pig and hypocrite like Newty. But I am not the people who attended the debate last night and clapped with glee in response to Newty's "performance". They ate it up and begged for more. And poor John King ... well ... as much as it pains me to do so,  I guess I am going to be forced to quote Brent Bozell for lack of a better quote that sizes up what the audience thought happened last night, so please forgive me:
Someone get the license number of the truck that just ran John King over. 
Take your Rolaids and watch at your own risk. Barf bag might be needed:


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