Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh lookie, Arizona's wicked witch of the west is once again making Arizonans proud

Well color me shocked - our backwater guv is truly a nasty, disrespectful, and embarrassing hag. No sooner had President Obama's plane touched down at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport this evening and our classless governor was all up in his grill wagging her bony finger and giving him what looks like a nasty tongue lashing. 

Where is that flying house from Kansas when we need it? Her term cannot end fast enough for this fed-up Arizona mama.



Sage said...


Seething Mom said...

Sage, as fellow Arizonan (albeit in Tucson, a saner little pocket of blue), I've gotta believe you are LOLing through your tears.

Sage said...

Its either laugh or cry for sure. Also, I just moved back to Oakland, CA 3 weeks ago. I miss the desert but definitely not Governor Brewer.