Thursday, February 02, 2012

Big-time insomnia, brain in overdrive, too much stimulation, I need a release, and I need some sleep

Having a really, really bad night. Can't sleep. Too much on my mind. So what better way to lull myself to sleep than to put all the mumbo jumbo that is running through my brain in an endless loop down in one post. Please forgive. I know this post is going to make you think this seething mama has gone off the rails, but trust me, this blog post is my therapy. Release the toxins here and then go to bed and sleep like a baby. Let it all out. Don't even try to make sense of it all - just let it flow.

So here goes. A quick look into the mind of a woman on the edge:

First a most apropos post of a very homophobic idiot who deserves all the humiliation we can throw at him - and a damn good laugh at the expense of a very vile Rick Santorum - Big thanks to Bad Lip Reading:

Next a very rewarding glitter bombing in Minnesota (thanks for the heads-up Jeff)  of another very worthy target - another GOP idiot and most likely the presidential nominee for the Party, Mitt Romney - couldn't happen in a better place either - keep on glitterin MN:

And now, my greatest hope: that Barry Goldwater was right - the Religious Right is going to eventually destroy the Republican Party- may it happen soon:

And last but probably the most pressing thing on my mind - could this possibly help my mom? Well it's worth a try - no?:

OMgawd forgive me! I had no idea the embedding code I grabbed before going to bed last night included an introduction by the Reverend Loopy himself. The original clip I saw didn't start off with him. Obviously this is not the clip I meant to use, please accept my apologies.

There now - I feel better...

Night night. Love you. May the sweet dreams begin ...



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