Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dear Mormon Church: STOP torturing your GLBT children

Good gawd how I loathe HATE in the name of some mean, spiteful, hateful, nasty God that only loves mean, spiteful, hateful, nasty "good Christians".

Happy Easter.


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Lynne Harter said...

I "went inactive" from the Mormon church because of cognitive dissonance. I was inactive for a long time. The final straw in my "apostate basket" was the church's involvement with anti-civil-rights legislation, first in Hawaii, later in California, and now in several other states. When that final straw hit that basket, I could no longer bear to have my name associated with such an organization, so I finally resigned my membership. Utah has one of the highest homeless teen populations in the country, and a majority (estimated 65 to 70%) are GLB kids kicked to the curb by parents who don't have the cojones to stand up to family members and church leaders in behalf of their children.