Saturday, April 07, 2012

This is why I love Arizona so much

Updated below

We've got to be close to the # one exporter of hate, xenophobia, homophobia, and crazy right-wing laws that  other crazy right-wing states adopt or try to out-crazy.

Oh - and let's not forget that Arizona is also the number one supplier of side-splitting, jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing material for comedians world wide.

Dang, I am so proud to be an Arizonan right now.

And as if that wasn't enough salt in the wounds, our very own pearl-clutching editorial board at our very own Arizona Republic had to get out there and condemn The Daily Show people for not picking the right person to interview (in other words, a person who holds the same opinion as the right-winger who wrote the editorial). Mr. Right-Wing Editorialist called it a "hit job" and this "week's high point for defenders of the disbanded propaganda factory".

The editorial is titled "The truth is not as funny" which strikes me as just about as perfect a title as I can think of, just not for the same reasons he had. The real un-funny truth is, Arizona is chock-full of idiots from which The Daily Show could have chosen. And that is the very sad, definitely un-funny truth that Mr. Right-Wing Editorialist just cannot bring himself to accept. 
The feature consisted primarily of an interview with Michael Hicks, one of the TUSD board members who voted to end the intensely politicized program earlier this year.
A less articulate critic of the program would be impossible to find. The segment was a cringe-inducing humiliation of the tongue-tied man.
Which, of course, is why the producers sought out the hapless Mr. Hicks. Most real reporters look to board President Mark Stegeman, a University of Arizona economics instuctor, for fair understanding of the ethnic-studies issue.
But that wasn't what "The Daily Show" came looking for. It came for the cheap laughs, and poor Mr. Hicks gave them up by the bucketful.

The Arizona Republic is absolutely right, the "hapless" Mr. Hicks is a "cringe-inducing humiliation of a tongue-tied man". And sadly, Arizona seems to be the number one supplier of that commodity as well.

Update:  I got to thinking about the Daily Show clip I posted above and the fool they highlighted in it and that reminded me of another Daily Show piece from 2006 that totally skewered and idiot from Arizona, only this time, from my own humble little city. I alternated between laughing until it hurt and crying in embarrassed disgust.

The restaurant that raised the ire of Scottsdale's finest prudes is now closed, but was within walking distance of where I live. So my husband and I made it a point to give them our business whenever we were in the mood for some Pink Taco, just to spite the god-bothering fools who put our city in the cross-hairs of The Daily Show in the first place. But thankfully the Arizona Republic didn't even pretend to get their panties in a twist over this PR disaster and write a hand-wringing editorial blaming The Daily Show for picking the wrong fool to interview. Or at least I don't think they did - maybe I just blocked it out.


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