Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some advice for Tony Perkins: Get over it!

Well it is not the complete victory I had hoped for, but the Boy Scouts of America's decision to end its ugly policy of denying openly gay youths to participate in its organization sure has got hateful little Tony's panties in a twist.

But as the mother of two Eagle Scouts, one of them gay, I am going to celebrate this partial win and hope the BSA finishes the job of doing the right thing by allowing openly gay adults (18 and older) to volunteer, mentor, and be an active part of shaping the next generation of young men. Because until they do, their message to our gay children remains a muddled ugly message: We will turn you into fine upstanding, moral adults, but the moment you blow those 18 candles out, we don't want any part of you because you scare the sh*t out of little Tony Perkins and his ilk.

And as for Tony Perkins, he can continue to make a flaming fool out of himself by conflating our gay loved ones with predators and pedophiles, but I'd urge him to stop the vile, hateful rhetoric that has harmed so many of our gay children and get some help. He has some serious issues and does indeed protesteth waaaay too much:



Anonymous said...

What gets me about Tony Perkins's quote is that he seems to think that the only "morality" that counts is what you choose to do with your genitals. (Because let's face it, to people like Tony Perkins, being gay is all about the sex, and most likely the male-to-male buttsex.) All that other stuff that the BSA has to say about morality? You know, like being trustworthy and helpful? That stuff doesn't matter, it seems.

Seething Mom said...

I could not agree with you more Jarred.