Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey right-wing mega churches in Arizona: Time to ramp up the lying, fear-mongering, and hate

Arizona voters in November 2014 may get another chance to decide the future of same-sex marriage in the state.
A nonpartisan group calling itself Equal Marriage Arizona filed paperwork Monday with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office for an initiative to redefine marriage as “a union of two persons.” The state constitution currently defines it as only between one man and one woman.
The initiative also includes a clause stating that religious organizations or individuals cannot be required to officiate at a marriage if they have religious objections.

Oh and that third paragraph above that I bolded? My guess is that it won't make a damn bit of difference because it isn't about these religious institutions being made to do anything. It is about making sure gay people in Arizona are denied any dignity or rights.

My bet is these bible-bigot pulpit bullies are calling emergency secret meetings as we speak.  Strategies on how to effectively fear monger and lie, lie, lie are being formulated in mega churches all over the state. Forget the fact that during the Prop 8 trial, the witnesses for One-Man-One-Woman marriage were under oath and could not tell the lies we are soon going to be hearing, and the ones who did try to tell those stupid lies were exposed as fools and their research as manufactured garbage.

I won't let myself get too excited, but I will let myself enjoy the ridiculous antics and lies this time because I know it is only a matter of time and gay marriage bans around the country will one day be ugly, descriminatory blots in our history.

As one of our more progressive (and sane) editorialists here in Arizona will say in tomorrow's paperYou can only be on the wrong side of history for so long. 



Anonymous said...

Speaking of Prop 8, did you ever hear? David Blankenhorn, one of the only two witnesses willing to testify in court in defense of Prop 8, publicly announced that he no longer opposes same-sex marriage quite a few months ago.

Seething Mom said...

Yes indeed Jarred. That was, in my opinion, one of the most satisfying things to come out of that trial. A heart and mind was sincerely changed. So after seeing your comment, I did a quick google search on David Blankenhorn so that I could provide a link. There were so many from which to choose that it was too hard to pick just one so I am providing 3 links. They are here, here, and here