Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ugh, I am neglecting you again

I apologize. It has been a pretty crazy couple of months what-with our oldest son getting married back east and our daughter getting accepted to medical school and moving from Seattle where she has lived for the past 6 years back to Phoenix.

And then there is my mom. She is fairly stable right now, but with dementia there are good days and bad days. Thankfully the good days still outnumber the bad days. (And having a 91 year old boyfriend at the Assisted Living place has really made her very content and happy - which makes me content and happy.) So things have been busy to say the least, but I cannot complain.

We drove today to Los Angeles, California to visit our middle son, Michael, the star of this blog. The drive was a bit harrowing as we encountered some torrential gully gushers starting right outside the Phoenix city limits and continuing on into California. But the bright side is we crossed the desert in 80-something degrees instead of the usual 115+ degrees one would expect in July. Almost unheard of, but most welcome.

This past Friday was our daughter's White Coat ceremony. It started out a quiet morning, but a series of unexpected events made the day a bit calamitous and our ability to make the ceremony uncertain. Thankfully we all got to the ceremony in one piece and calmed down enough to enjoy the ceremony. Here is a picture of our little girl after the ceremony and wearing her white coat (sorry - proud mama here, can't help bragging):

And one last thing. Not much to really write about right now. That is a good thing. I think I can finally envision the day when I can write my last post about the crazies and haters who have dedicated their lives to making our glbt friends and family miserable. That day is not here yet, but it is getting closer. The way I know that is I am seething a whole lot less lately.

I will try and be better about posting. May not happen until I get back to AZ. Right now I am waiting for my beloved Michael to get off work. I cannot wait. I've missed him so much.

Oh and for your listening pleasure while I neglect you, here is Dan Savage (a personal hero of mine) on the Bill Maher show this past Friday. Warning, he is as racy as ever.


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