Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Virginia is for lovers - but it won't be if Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor

The Cooch

My gawd, what on earth is going on with Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's current Attorney General and Republican nominee for Governor? I knew the guy was a creepy, uptight, totally-obsessed-with-other-people's-private-sex-lives weirdo. And I knew he was a serious homophobe (he is one of the only elected officials in America who believes that being gay should result in criminal prosecution and jail time). But is there something else going on with this guy as well?***(see below)

Ken is so blinded by hatred of the gay that he doesn't just want to keep antiquated (and unconstitutional) anti-sodomy laws on the books, but he wants to enforce them under the guise of "protecting the children" using the full force of the law. These are laws that would ban consensual sex acts (sodomy and oral sex) in which both gay and straight consenting adults engage. But at least then he'd be able to sleep at night knowing that those icky "homosexual acts" which he believes are "intrinsically wrong" would now be grounds for going after and stigmatizing all those horrible gays. Straight people would just have to put up with being unfortunate collateral damage in his crusade to rid Virginia of its gay menace.

This sorry little homophobic man has been so rabidly obsessed with gay sex for such a long time that he does not even realize how freaky he appears to the sane masses outside of the right-wing mega-churches. But oh what a gift to comedians and talk show hosts he has become. Watch as the ladies at The View have a complete field day with this fool's idiocy. For them, Kenny, "The Cooch" is manna from heaven, but for Virginians who may have to one day call this sorry little repressed mess Governor, he is a nightmare that should be keeping them awake at night.  

***Could this be Ken, "The Cooch's" problem??


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