Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear CBN, it is time to retire Pat Robertson

This feeble-minded old coot has gone waaaay too far this time. I am so aghast at what this horrible, horrible man just accused the San Francisco gay community en masse of doing that I believe you, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), have a legal and moral obligation to fire him and issue a sincere apology and retraction - immediately.

Smearing an entire group of people by accusing them of spreading HIV by shaking hands and purposely cutting people with a special ring tainted with the virus is so out of bounds that doing nothing is not an option. I know most people who read this blog do not watch CBN, but the people who do tend to be old, quite gullible and a captive audience, perfect victims for people like Pat Robertson. And it is no secret how much old vile Pat has enriched himself on the backs of these poor people, not to mention tainted their minds with an unending flow of vile rubbish. End the abuse CBN. Fire Pat Robertson now.

And for my readers, watch at your own risk. I am so angry I can hardly breathe. Just the sight of this putrid man makes me want to vomit.

Update: CBN took the most un-Christ-like way out. They yanked the clip from YouTube due to a "copyright claim" by the Christian Broadcasting Network.


Update#2: Found a working clip:



Anonymous said...

What's really bad is that apparently, CBN knows Robertson crossed the line this time. Right Wing Watch is reporting that they edited out Robertson's comments in the online version of the episode.

Seething Mom said...

Wow Jarred, what a spineless response from the "Christian" Broadcasting Network. I hope the reaction to this vile comment by Pat Robertson grows and grows until the "Christian" Broadcasting Network is forced to do what Jesus would have done, which is to kick Pat Robertson out of the temple (so to speak).

Thanks for the update Jarred.

Anonymous said...

It just keeps getting better and better. The New Civil Rights Movement is now reporting that Robertson pressured YouTube to take down the unedited video clip that still contained the offensive remarks. According to their report, he's also desperately trying to spin his statements to make them see less horribly. (In my opinion, he's failing on an epic level.)