Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Father Richard Perozich of the Archdiocese of San Diego - Shame on you!

As the mother of a gay child I am horrified that you, a Catholic Priest, could defend someone like Scott Lively and praise him as "courteous, biblical, and loving".

I am curious, are you referring to the same man who has dedicated his life to fighting any rights, protections, or dignity for LGBT folks?  Are you referring to the same man who has been deeply involved in the extremely damaging ex-gay movement? Are you referring to the same man who is a member of several organizations that claim to be Christian and Conservative, but because of the harm they have inflicted on so many, have been officially labeled Hate Groups? Are you referring to the same man that has called for the criminalization of "the public advocacy of homosexuality" as far back as 2007 and is heavily involved in pending anti-gay legislation in Uganda, which is often referred to as the "Kill the Gays" bill because of death penalty and life imprisonment clauses? Is that the man you are praising as biblical and loving?

My God Father, who are you? And how could you have written this farcical piece crap making Scott Lively some kind of persecuted hero?:

"I personally have been in attendance where Dr. Scott Lively speaks on the issues of sexuality. He is courteous, biblical, and loving toward anyone who is not following chaste biblical living. He relates his many years of persecution by those who disagree with him. He tries to bring people to Christ for the salvation of their souls. He is once more a victim of an ideology which demands total submission to its agenda, this time in the form of the judiciary.
"In ancient Rome, rather than kneel before the false gods of the Romans, Christians were stripped of their power, their possessions, their freedom, and finally their lives. In the United States of the year 2013, Christians like Dr. Lively once again refuse to bow down to the false gods of lust and homosexuality and refuse to offer them the ignoble sacrifices of 'equality,' 'rights,' 'justice' and 'fairness' that they demand. In this 21st century of the end times,
"Dr. Lively shows fidelity to the Lordship of Jesus as the way to salvation, and he witnesses this through his martyrdom. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Christian faith. God bless you, Dr. Lively. We Christians stand with you."

Do you, Father Richard Perozich, honestly believe this bunch of hooey? Seriously? Or are you just setting the stage for another Christian martyr to be born now that a US judge ruled that Mr. Lively may be sued for opposition to homosexuality in Uganda? After all he did "travel to Uganda, speak out against homosexuality, link homosexuality to pornography and pedophilia, and assist government officials with the drafting of anti-homosexuality legislation" known as the Kill the Gays bill, all of which resulted in “widespread, systematic persecution of LGBTI people. Something most God-fearing people I know would probably agree constitutes a crime of some kind if not one against humanity.

I just cannot believe that anyone who knows Mr. Lively's dark and ugly history could ever use words like "courteous, biblical, and loving" nor can I believe that you expect people who have actually felt the repercussions of Mr. Lively's lifelong work to believe that Scott Lively is the one who is being persecuted.

Let me assure you Father, I am not crying any tears for Scott Lively. I can barely type his name without the bile rising up into my throat. There is nothing but evil and pure hatred that has resulted from Scott Lively's lifework and that is what he and those who worked with him intended. Executing gays and imprisoning family members who have gay loved ones they not do hand over to the authorities is exactly the outcome your oh-so-persecuted Scott Lively wanted in Uganda (and here in the U.S. if he could have accomplished it). And I guess by defending and praising this putrid man, Father, it is what you want as well.

So keep it up Father. I know the Catholic Church's numbers are dwindling here in the U.S. but growing in extremely homophobic third-world countries like Uganda. You keep writing drivel like the crap above and I can see a plum assignment in a Ugandan church in your future. And the good news is, you will be welcomed with open arms by packed pews of Ugandan homophobic lynch mobs hungry for your brand of "courteous, biblical, and loving" proselytizing. You will be a big hit there.



Anonymous said...

Dear seething mom, I am sorry you are angry that anyone would proclaim the biblical position against homosexual acts. And I am sorry you think homosexual acts are not a deterrent from entering the kingdom of God. It is NOT Dr. Lively, this priest, OR anyone else who makes the determination of standards in God's Kingdom.
It is sad that you prefer for your son's earthly satisfaction and desires be fulfilled, and neglect your son's spiritual needs of God's desire of his being with Him in Heaven.
The cross your son carries must be burdensome, and needs support on not acting out his sexual desires, which would be most difficult, especially in a sexual saturated culture that America has become.
Remember God made the Commandments for His creatures. he is our Master.

Seething Mom said...

It is all in the way one interprets the bible. Show me where Jesus himself ever addressed homosexuality. Hint: you can't - he didn't. And in fact there are many biblical scholars who feel strongly that the passages commonly used to condemn gays are not actually referring to homosexuality but to prostitution and other sins.
I thank you for coming by to comment. I may not agree with your misplaced concern for me or my son or our "sexually saturated culture in America", but you are welcome to come by and express your opinion anytime.

Anonymous said...

God alone is the judge. To condone people to hate and kill because of their perceived truth is a sin in itself. Richard P should come out of his closet already.

Frank Elliott said...

The Biblical position includes and incitement to ritual murder against gay men if the ever have sex. She's a loving mother who doesn't want to see her son persecuted or have people like you, Rich Perozich, and Scott Lively incite murder against her son.

You, pathetic bastard had no such mother.

Unknown said...

A close, Male, friend of mine use to have sex with Father Richard Perozich in the 90s. Its true, those that preach the loudest, are the guiltiest. My freinds first name is Dan and last name intial is R. Richard will know exactly who I am talking about.


Dear seething mom you're selective outrage is duly noted. But where was that out rage when Muslims were throwing gays off rooftops, or when the Muslim assassin murdered over 50 innocent souls at the pulse nightclub in Orlando? Were you there with a sign that says "love trumps hate"? Were you at all disgusted when you saw the father of that killer behind Hillary Clinton at one of her rallies? I think there's nothing more disgusting than using your own sons sexuality to preach an agenda against Christianity. Especially when gays are being murdered the world over by Islamic fascists and none of you bastards peeps a word. Geez, let's see, Islam murders gays for being gay, what Christianity simply praise for the sinner be they gay straight or very likely in your case horribly asexual. do you also attack did you watch faith for hating homosexuals or is that just 0too dangerous" for you? Attacking Islam would make you Islam a phobic attacking Jews would make you an anti-Semite but attacking Christian just makes you a filthy hypocritical coward.

Seething Mom said...

Oh puleeeeaaase USAHAVANA! Did you even bother to look at the date of the original posting?? It is August of 2013. Many of the horrible events you have listed in your angry comment had not even happened yet. And for the most part most of these bad actors are either mentally ill or terrorists. And Trump??? How did his name get thrown into this? He was just a two-bit reality star actor and bad businessman in 2013.

And a little advice for you: going personal with your attack on me does not do anything to make your case, but it does show I hit a nerve with you USAHAVANNA. The truth can hurt sometimes, can't it? And by the way, I was not preaching "an agenda against Christianity". I was preaching "an agenda" against hypocrites who use Christianity to hurt others.

Thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

To love Jesus is to deny yourself...if you seek your own desire.... outside the will of natural law....without personal sacrifice of your own are anathema.....and should seek healing and renewal...not justification.....flaws outside the natural order should never be accepted.....but rejected ...

Anonymous said...

It is not correct to say God alone can judge - He gave us judgement faculties too to use them.

God alone will make a final judgement on our souls. But we can judge that a human is evil like Hitler.

We can say homosexuals are evil in their actions and evil as persons to the extent of their actions.

Seething Mom, your mind is blinded by false sympathy.

Seething Mom said...

I respectfully disagree Anonymous. God does not make mistakes, but people do. We humans are not infallible. Believe what you want, but I believe you are wrong. I will never believe that my son is evil or my mind is blinded by false sympathy (whatever that means ...). My son did not choose his sexual orientation any more than you chose yours. I don't know anyone who would willfully choose to be the target of such sanctimonious judgement and hate.

Seething Mom said...
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