Saturday, August 03, 2013

John Fugelsang: If you think gay marriage is ‘unnatural,’ let’s talk about monogamy

Don't got much today, so I will post a clip of one of my favorite religious experts. But seriously though, if you have never experienced John Fugelsang, you really do need to google clips of him discussing serious religious issues. He does it in a very listenable and entertaining way and you will most definitely walk away more educated on whatever issue he discusses. And his background is quite interesting as well. His father was a former priest, his mother a former nun. But that aside, I have honestly never seen anyone who can more ably and intelligently debate (and ultimately humiliate and expose) a bible-beating Christianist. So that elevates him to super-star in my book.

And yes, being a homophobe is a lifestyle choice. Being gay is not.

Update: Found this:


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Jeff Wilfahrt said...

These videos were of great interest. Thanks for putting them up on the blog site.