Friday, August 16, 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Darren Young comes out of the closet, admits he is gay, and the wrestling world yawns

From CBS Philly:
“I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy, very happy,” Young said when asked what he would think of a WWE superstar being homosexual.
Vince McMahon, the longtime head of the WWE said on Twitter, “Congratulations to @DarrenYoungWWE for being the first openly gay WWE Superstar!”
NBA player Jason Collins came out earlier this year and became the first openly gay athlete in the four major sports in the US while he was still active. A difference here is that while Collins is toward the end of his career, Young is hopefully just entering the prime of his.

Reaction from all over the wrestling world has been extremely positive. No big earthquakes or hurricanes have been sent down by god. Just no big deal - except maybe in Religious Right world - but who cares about those homophobic haters?

Then there is this wonderful internet radio interview with Pro Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, who endorses same-sex marriage in a most colorfully hilarious way. So I will warn you now, there is profanity, but why would you expect anything less? Besides, true profanity for most of the people who read this blog is having to listen to some sanctimonious fat-ass preacher spewing anti-gay hate from his bully pulpit.

Listen and enjoy - you won't regret it:


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