Friday, September 20, 2013

A family turns their worst nightmare into something that will help other families avoid their mistake: a follow-up to one of my earlier posts

NALT Christians: Meet the Robertsons of Seattle

Back on July 3rd of this year I blogged about this family. Their story is so tragic and so unforgettable and so heartbreaking. And quite frankly, I did not react well when I first read their story and then blogged about it

My sorrow for this family was offset only by a seething rage that has been building deep within my soul for the past 10 years. It is not so much a rage at this family as it is at these horrible right-wing fundamentalist churches that preach hatred and homophobia to their congregations knowing full well the consequences can and will be devastating for at least some of their congregants who either have gay loved ones or are gay themselves. And yet, that does not stop these sanctimonious fraud preachers from doing it. Needless to say this can make for some very tragic endings, especially for the gay people who are being demonized and condemned. And it absolutely did not lead to a happy ending for the Roberston family.

But the purpose of this post is not to rage and rail against right-wing fundamentalist churches, I do that often enough. The purpose of this post is to plug another Dan Savage project that I have blogged about before and will probably blog about in the future (I have a link to it in the sidebar on the right-had side of this blog). It is called The NALT Project and it is amazing.

The clip above is from The NALT Project and features the Robertson family. Knowing their back story only makes it a much more poignant and selfless contribution on their part. You can read their story here and here


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