Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My idiot Republican Arizona Rep, David Schweikert, breathlessly talks about government shutdown to NPR: “This is my idea of fun”

My Idiot Multimillionaire Rep David Schweikert 

So my teabagger representative, David Schweikert is having a simply lovely time shutting down the government. He has absolutely no worries about furloughing and suspending the pay of 800,000 workers.  And why would he? He's got a net worth of $6,165,011 and not a damn care in the world. 

It gags me to listen to the sheer joy in his voice:

Check out the smirk on this schmuck's face. I can hardly stand it. These guys really are an evil lot. No empathy, no conscience, no sense of shame, no soul. Psychopaths - the whole teabaggin lot of them.


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