Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ok if my lazy-ass Representative (David Schweikert and Senators (McGrumpy& Flake) can shut down our gubment, then I can slack off a little here too

I am straying off-topic a lot today, but hey, I'm a lazy unpaid blogger, not some big important politician who hates gubment but has his/her hand wide open when it comes to health insurance, paychecks, paid vacations, and pensions.

but anyhoo ... here is one of the groups who get demonized a lot when in reality they are the ones inheriting our mess and hopefully cleaning it up.

Millennials: We Suck and We're Sorry:

What we have left our children. And by "we" I mean the Republican buffoons in both the Senate and House who are throwing their 2-year old tantrums and pee-peeing their panties (diapers in Senator David Vitter's case) while throwing an awsome tantrum that is impressing a smaller and smaller base of the seriously mean and mentally unstable.

Oh and PS: It is so hard for me to wrap my head around the Republicans strategy. I cannot in any way understand how they think this shutdown can produce a good outcome for them.

You know what I have been doing today (besides slacking)? Working with my husband and the two of our three kids who will be benefiting from Obamacare. One who graduated from college a few years ago and is now working on his ratings in flight school so he can eventually try and get hired by a commercial airline as an airline pilot. And one who is going to medical school and will turn 26 next year and get dropped from our policy.

I cannot begin to describe the relief Obamacare brings to this former Republican household. So again I ask, how in the world does this whole shutdown sh*t show translate into a win for these Republican thugs in DC????

Is this country that ignorant and uninformed? If so, then I feel completely hopeless and doomed.


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